Yozgat Bozok Üniversitesi


Providing undergraduate and graduate education in the field of sports sciences and leisure time evaluation at international standards; to be a leader institution that encourages multidisciplinary studies, continuously renews itself by making researches and practices, and does not compromise universal academic, sporting and ethical values, in line with Atütürk's revolutions and principles, based on the guidance of reason and science, being innovative, open to developments and closely following technological breakthroughs. .

Sports Sciences; to contribute to the development of sports sciences in our university, in our region, in our country and internationally and to contribute to the development of sports sciences, To provide services to our country, city and university in every field of physical education and sports, to provide scientific contributions, to develop the intelligence and abilities of the individuals raised, to have the maximum level of modern knowledge, skills and behaviors. to be a leading institution that knows the contemporary approaches specific to the field and contributes to the happiness of the society with the individuals who use them.