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The Mevlana Exchange Program is enabling students and staff exhchange between higher education institutions at home and abroad. The Regulation which was published in The Official Journal with the number 28034 and the date 23rd August 2011 made it possible to exchange students and teaching fellows between higher education institutions at home and abroad. 

Different from other exchange programs, the mobility within the scope of this exchange program includes higher education institutions in the whole world with no distinction in terms of their geogrephical regions. The students wishing to participate can benefit the program for at least one and a maximum of two semesters while teaching fellows can apply for teaching at an international higher education institution for at least 1 week and a maximum of 3 months. Likewise, students and teaching fellows from all around the world can visit a higher education institution in Turkey.

* In the 2014-2015 academic year, higher education institutions in the countries included in the Erasmus Program were excluded from the Mevlana Exchange Program.

The primary objective of the Mevlana Exchange Program is to ensure the exchange of students and teaching staff between higher education institutions in Turkey and higher education institutions in abroad. In addition, the main objectives of the Mevlana Exchange Program are;

• to become a center of attraction in the higher education field Turkey,

• To increase academic capacities of higher education institutions,

• To contribute to the globalization process of higher education,

• To share the rich historical and cultural heritage of Turkey at the global level,

• To increase the culture of respect and understanding of differences with the increase of intercultural interaction.


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Assist. Prof. Dr. Oktay ÇOBAN      Unit Coordinator

Res. Assist. Oğuz GÜRKAN                       Unit  Assistant Coordinator

Res. Assist. Hülya İMAMLI             Department Coordinator of Physical Education and Sports Education                

Res. Assist. Oğuz GÜRKAN                       Department Coordinator of CoachTraining