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The Student and Staff Exchange Program between Higher Education Institutions, shortly called the "Farabi Exchange Program", is a student and staff exhange program in higher education institutions which provide education at the levels of upper-secondary, BA, MA and PhD at universities and higher techbology institutes.

Farabi Exchange Program aims to enable students or faculty members to continue their education and teaching activities in a higher education institution outside their own institutions for one or two semesters.

The principles regarding the implementation of the Farabi Exchange Program are determined in detail by the Regulation, Principles, and Procedures.

Farabi Legislation

Farabi (871-950)

He was born in 871 in the city of Farab in Turkestan. He toured important scientific centers of time such as Bukhara, Baghdad, Damascus, Cairo, Harran, and Aleppo. He has written works on philosophy, mathematics, logic, political science and music. It has a great reputation in the Islamic world that is comparable to Aristotle, the first teacher in the field of philosophy. He is called Muallim-i Sani (Second Teacher). It is known as "Alpharabius" in the Western world. He passed away in 950 in Damascus.


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Assist. Prof. Dr. Oktay ÇOBAN      Unit Coordinator

Res. Assist. Oğuz GÜRKAN                       Unit  Assistant Coordinator

Res. Assist. Hülya İMAMLI             Department Coordinator of Physical Education and Sports Education               

Res. Assist. Oğuz GÜRKAN                       Department Coordinator of Coach Training