Yozgat Bozok Üniversitesi





  1. Teams wishing to play matches in the carpet field will apply to the relevant personnel the day before. Applications for Monday matches are made on Friday.
  2. Each reservation is for 1 hour of use and cancellations must be notified to the person in charge 1 day in advance.
  3. If the teams do not arrive, no refund will be made.
  4. The pitch is open to Bozok University students, academic and administrative staff, and is available to the public when available.
  5. Before starting the sport, a doctor should be checked. Players who have health problems (heart patients) should not participate in the game. Otherwise, the responsibility rests with the player.
  6. Materials (ball, vest) are provided against identity.
  7. The teams are ready at least 15 minutes in advance and are prepared in the designated locker room. Participants are advised not to bring valuables with them. No responsibility is accepted for theft or loss in the locker room or the field.
  8. It is not appropriate to speak loudly and abusive during the match. Appropriate behavior should be taken throughout the activity and the warnings of the staff in charge must be observed.
  9. It is forbidden to consume food and drink other than water in the field.
  10. Smoking on site is strictly prohibited.
  11. Alcohol should not be consumed before use. Those who use the facility as an alcoholic are removed from the facility.
  12. If the facility is licensed, you will not be armed.
  13. It is strictly forbidden to wear spiked crampons and use the facility with clothes that are not suitable for sports.
  14. In the locker rooms, water should not be left open.
  15. After the match, the keys to the locker rooms should be handed over to the officials.
  16. It is the responsibility of the teams who deliberately damage the rooms and the facility. The damage will be provided from the teams.
  17. Users of the facility must comply with the warnings of the person in charge. Those who do not follow the rules and warnings will be asked to leave the facility.
  18. Student disciplinary regulations will be applied to the teams or persons who do not follow the rules above. Membership of the teams will be canceled.
  19. In the field use of carpet, education and work of school teams are given priority.
  20. The facility officer is authorized to request the user to present his / her identity when necessary. In this case, the user cannot use his / her identity unless submitted.
  21. If the facility will be closed for renovation, the teams will be notified of the time period.
  22. The nightly rate is valid from 17.00.
  23. Reservations can be made on 6483 internal lines or from the Sports Coordination Office (indoor gym).
  24. If the cancellation is not done on time, the field fee will not be refunded.
  25. Fees will be deposited to Halkbank's TR390001200978500006000071 Iban account or Halk Bank's 06000071 account.
  26. Banka Carpet field usage fee ”should be stated on the bank receipt statement.
  27. Those who want to benefit from the carpet field must apply in person. (applications via phone or msg are not accepted)
  28. The sports coordination office has the right to make all kinds of changes.